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Everything is changing, including the strategy of living as an artist and entrepreneur in 2017.

The Gold List breaks down patterns of art and tech with clarity in easy to consume emails (~500 words) once a week. They are timely, and relate to current trends, artists, videos, and media. With each email I identify a specific pattern, bring it to light, and give succinct ideas for how to respond to it. 





Hey! I'm David, the writer and podcaster for The Gold List. 

I write and think a LOT about technology and art, and how it's changing our lives personally and professionally.  I am based in Los Angeles, but I grew up in Columbus, Ohio. My passion is leading communities into the future by assisting individuals on their journey as artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives. 

4 years ago, I graduated college and founded a company called Death to the Stock Photo, which I currently still lead. The business is bootstrapped (no funding) and built with the idea of the new economy in mind. 

It's sustained by premium memberships from a portion of it's subscribers, and it sends email that reach 500,000 creatives around the globe.

I also still take photos, enjoy speaking on podcasts, and love helping artists carve out their path.