What would you pay to be free?

"A lot."

"Everything I have."

"1 Million Dollars Bob."

These are typical answers people give.

Most of the time we're actually paying for the opposite. Spending money that ties us down. Debt, a Mortgage payment, a new car, investment, school, overconsumption. All of these prevent us from being able to move. Quicksand which keeps us from exploring all of our possibilities freely.

I'm talking about true freedom, the ability to become what we'd like to become at a moments notice. Our country comparatively does have a good amount of freedoms. Its structure does allow for most of the freedom we could ask for, if we play things right.

Except when the government shut down, we weren't allowed to go into national parks. They closed down nature. How? Why? I'm still not sure. 


We want to cross borders, but there are rules for who can and why. Borders aren't real, they're created to segregate us in an increasingly globalized planet.

As high-quality education becomes increasingly easier to access in and in greater variety, costs to pursue traditional higher education block many who seek it.

Some of these problems aren't for us to fix. However, it's up to us to not create MORE of a box around ourselves as we grow than has already been built by society.

Maybe what you want is to have your life rooted securely in the ground. I can only speak to my own aspirations, but I see many attachments that we spend money on as a collection of anchors dragging at the bottom of the ocean floor while we try and move forward.

"The things you own, end up owning you." Tyler Durdin's alter-ego say's to him after he's lost everything in an apartment fire and feels hopeless. 

Life is as expensive as you make it. And happiness is as cheap as you decide it to be.

How can I help you this week? Is there anything you're stuck on that you'd like to talk about?

-David Sherry


This wk's gld is The Mnmilst. An awesome resource for those who want to live a more minimal lifestyle.


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