Beme and the Future of News

The future of news is direct reporting.

From real people, not pundits. 

Right now, due to our election cycle and politics, major news networks seem to be in a heyday.  But this is a distraction. What's brewing is something behind the scenes. The heyday is almost always a last hurrah. You reach the peak right before you fall. That's why it's so difficult to innovate. 

It's like how truck sales in the US have been up, signaling an increase in interest, except that it's a false indicator of what's to come. At least in their current form. 

So Beme is taking a shot at the next wave of news. Like Vice, it's about real people, young people, getting involved and asking questions. 

And Beme was started by Casey Neistat, Youtube star with a real background in film making. The trick of Casey's work is making it look like it's not a huge production to produce, even though he's got all the smarts to do so.

Casey thought he could make waves giving people the ability to make video, with his app Beme. The problem was, it was way over hyped. And making an app that people love is next to impossible.

He had the users attention, but he didn't overdeliver on an experience that people wanted, so it flopped...

So CNN bought them. 

So maybe the news knows what's coming. Like Banks, investing their attention to Bitcoin. The smart ones know that the cliff is coming and they do something about it or get left behind.

So this is a smart move. People crave the realness. It's not about high quality cameras and options, it's about feeling like you're there in person. I *felt* something at the end of this video.

Like the Vice video I shared 2 weeks back. 

Beme sent someone to be THERE. Not posturing, just talking with people. And this will only get more enhanced with VR, as we immerse ourselves into the experience.

Now this type of video is long form. Not slit up with ads every 3 minutes and scrolling headlines trying to pull your attention away.
You get to see real people sharing their raw thoughts right there on camera. 

We can only hope that this will increase empathy.


Which means maybe the type of media will help us find a way to connect outside of the video.  This is exactly what we need as a response to our divided political atmosphere. 

We're tired of hearing the same opinions.  Bring on more of the every day heroes. People there. People like you and me.

Bring on more of the realness.

" Beme Panels is real perspectives from real people about the news. Panels is a place for seriously honest perspectives, told through short videos from people all over the world."

Beme Viewer Comments:

"I cant wait for the day that these become daily"

"This is so much better than regular news."

"This is the kind of coverage events like this need but don't get through conventional media. Way to go Beme <3"


After the Flood, The Rescue (Beme News)