A Community Affair (The Lot Radio)


Radio is turning into a community affair.

Have you noticed so many podcasts are now doing live tours?

I went and saw Last Podcast on the Left live at the Hollywood Forever cemetery months back and it was great. The venue was full, and the hosts were part rockstars, part normal dudes just like us. They even put up a few youtube videos and memes on the screen so that we could all enjoy together. It was like surfing with internet with your very funny friends.

Our media is becoming about community. Previously a radio DJ would take calls occasionally, but most of the communication was one way. With the host speaking to you, anonymous and in the car. But now when there are fans, and tech to help make them known, the doors open to new possibilities for how media interacts with their audiences.

Fans want to connect, be a part of the show, meet each other.
And so stations like Lot are doing two things right.

The first is they’ve open sourced their station. Now they book new DJ’s all day, every day, it’s 24/7!

The second is they had a really interesting hook. They said to themselves, “What if we could livestream new DJ’s in NYC 24 hours a day? Never ending?” This is how you stand out. You go ALL the way to the edge. Every night wouldn’t have been enough. It’s going to be full on 24/7.

And they made it happen. Grass roots, putting up a tiny shipping container on a lot in New York City that would allow them to broadcast.

Then they invited DJ’s in, and soon enough the schedule was full. It’s like your part of the club when you play there. And they have so much time to fill they can bring all types of people in. Someone should do this concept as a bar or venue. Open 24/7. Always a live band playing. Letting everyone in and letting everyone participate. Someone with a passion for pushing music forward in their city. Which these people clearly have. 

Have you played The Lot? It can be a badge of honor. You’re in the club.

So realize that this concept can be applied elsewhere, in many different industries: 

1. “Here’s a stage. Want to play it?”  Make the community the star.

2. This concept wouldn’t have worked if it wasn’t 24/7. That’s how you stand out. Go all the way to the edge.

So, What’s next?

Coachella and other major festivals made the whole experience about the fan. Now it’s about involving them in the full experience. Sharing the spotlight, and helping them engage with each other.  Even most musicians are making a good chunk of their ticket sales on VIP tickets that guarantee a meet and greet with the artist afterword. Which is amazing for the fan, but for the artist can be a nightmare. But that's the name of the game today. I heard about this from an episode of Hey Cool Job!  with Kinfolk’s event coordinator Judnick Mayard. She had some stories...

So watch for our digital libraries, steaming services, and favorite media channels to start linking up the communities of fans. And linking those fans further to the artist. Chats, live streams, meet and greets. Getting the community involved as much as possible in the experience. Even having them help plan or coordinate.

 This is the church potluck, brought to mainstream hip events with major acts and brands. 

Open source the festival. Open source the radio station. Open source the community component to our favorite media channels.

We’re in a new media world. We want to be involved in the process. We want to connect with others like us. Talk about the show. Connect and help create it. So instead of being disparate solo-consumers, media is turning into a community affair.

The Lot Radio is a party and you’re all invited.


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Last Podcast on the Left

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