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This email reminded me a bit of my post about apartment complexes in the future.

This post below was sent out to artists around New York City who needed space to show in a gallery with the idea of signing up for a free month at a storage space and utilizing it for their show instead of paying for space.

Brilliant. But also a good opportunity for storage centers. What a better way to get dozens if not hundreds of people into your rental units by utilizing the space when not used.

Most notably, though, is the DIY attitude to utilize what resources you're given.


Proposals for exhibitions / performance / events in self-storage units

This open call is specifically addressed to NYC art spaces / collectives and activist / community centers that have lost their physical locations

Taking full advantage of the "First Month Free" promotional offers used by the storage facilities in Long Island City, Queens, Self-storage NYC will help venueless spaces ‘legally occupy’ storage units to create a context driven exhibition addressing topics of gentrification, consumption, community, resilience, displacement – and storage.

Applicants are invited to send proposals of how they would curate/utilize a storage space for a one month period as if it were a meeting space / gallery. Each show will have its own (sub)title and will freely apply its own desired thematic angle to the overall concept and the surroundings. 

The presentation of the Self-storage NYC show will be a fully automated experience, granting the individual audience access through the Self Storage show's website. During the route to the storage units the audience choose from a selection of accompanying audio walks / soundscapes accessed via the phone line.

Important Logistics:

  • Open call Deadline: August 11th 2017
  • Show Opening: Friday October 6th 
  • Install: October 1 - 5, 2017
  • Deinstall: October 29 - October 31,2017
  • Storage Rental Period: October 1st, 2017 – November 1st, 2017
  • The ‘first month free’ offer must be taken on by 1 person from the group in order to register, i.e. you cannot sign up for a storage unit as a group. The required insurance and padlock will be payed by the Self-storage NYC show, but will remain under the group representative's name.
  • There is one significant uncertainty to be incorporated in the proposal: since market terms dictate the type of space available for the ‘appealing offer’ the participants can’t be totally certain of the size of the space they will be working with until they get the keys.
    The most common size spaces in the offer are 5” x 5” x 4(height) but they range from that to 10” x 15” x 8”(height).
  • The spaces have unrestricted audience access through the website and no insurance against theft.
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