Jake Paul and the News

He's the person that you want to hate but can't stop watching.

Sound familiar?

A big part of the ideas behind the products that I share via the
Gold List is that they are created by individuals everywhere. Not by the large corporate structures and institutions that owned the past century.  

Today everyone's got the tools. And the leverage that they provide, often for free is incredible.

 The very idea that even a 12 year old, can reach 6 Million people or more on a daily basis has rocked the foundation of our culture in larger ways than we can imagine. 

Not only can anyone grab a microphone and reach millions of people, they do so FOR FREE, and with any rules they choose to play by. 

I don’t think anyone finds this surprising in 2017.

But I don’t believe it has fully sunk in yet, as the major toppling of our previous institutions has yet to happen. Ie. Cable television, news and radio. 

But let these creators that we shake our heads at serve as notice. I don't think they will be the media of the future, but I do think they are showing us more of what it will look like.

Like all major technology shifts, the general public isn't aware of the true implications until further down the road.  

We've never been accurate at guessing the true changes that will happen in a society that's adapting a transformative technology. 

The free microphone we've all been handed is a transformative technology. 

Now, you might look at this video of Jake Paul (starts around the 1 minute mark) and think he’s a total douche.  But behind that feeling, you're bothered by something more subtle that itches underneath.

The question, who is really in power here? 
And this is what feels so unsettling. 

That feeling is the shifting dynamic of power due to technology.  

Who do you feel is in power in this video?

The news channel covering him?
The neighbors wanting to file a law suit?

Of course, Jake Paul is an entertainer, not a reporter. 

And of course, the media is doing the exact opposite of what they should be doing.  They laugh at those and try to make them look bad but don't they realize that's exactly what feeds into their success!
This was one of the best things that could have happened to Jake Paul. 

So their strategy is to berate the competition, but they don’t realize he's playing by different rules! His business model is simply working better than theirs. It’s low cost, high engagement.  The networks are built with major operational costs. The Jake network brings in a $1million + a month and is built with a brain and a cheap camera that needs charged. 

And on Youtube you can interact! You can ask questions, with comments and responses.

Not on TV, which is always behind, repetitive, and...

And so the lesson for the news is that we follow individuals, and these individuals need to be let shine, whereas the networks themselves rely on a factor of brand trust that simply will not last, save for a few hold-outs who do in depth work and begin charging more for it.

I just bought a subscription to the New York Times, and I'm debating subscribing to more. Because knowledge is still power, but many will flock to entertainment instead of insight, and that's where the news needs to stop competing on entertainment and get into investing in high quality journalists that people rally around.

Jake Paul will come and go like many celebrities of today. Mostly because there isn't substance.  But Remember K$sha?  Britney? The fame game has a brutal way of crushing those that reach the top. 
So the story I'm linking to is covered by Phillip Defranco, an individual starting his own news network at age 31. It's on Youtube and has over 5million subscribers. He's been putting in time building a following, joining a network then now he's exiting to go out on his own.


Because the network wouldn't support him and give him the ability to shine!

This video he posted got over 1 Million views and Phillip brings in, in my estimation at least $75,000 per month making videos. mot to mention sponsors and other deals.

We're uneasy because the power is shifting.

And Jake Paul is one of the many cracks that are starting to show... 

Why people are pissed at Jake Paul - Phillip Defranco