If I Owned an Apartment Complex

I would work with the tenants to Airbnb their places, facilitating key transfers, door codes and availability. Airbnb as a service for my tenants, and we revenue share.

I would... build a room full of appliances for rent. The cheap ones, like scissors or a toaster oven would be free. The expensive ones like a bike, snowboard or power washer are for rent. 

It's electronic, so they don't have to interact with them to pull from the appliance room. They charge it to their unit, which is added to rent. 

I would strike a deal with the local farmers market so tenants can add $15 a week to their rent for fresh vegetables to show up every Monday. We'd keep $3 of each buyer each week.

I would include basics for outfitting your apartment purchased from Costco and sold in the rental room. Paper towels, toilet paper, detergent. These also can be charged to their unit, and are cheaper and closer than any store since they are bought in bulk and stored on location.

I would look into methods for group buying power. Gathering votes on which companies to seek discounts from. 

I would be talking to a VR company about how we could do full room immersion tours so that anyone can schedule them at any time. I'd have to write up a document so we could do a customer voice over.  

I would skip building any type of gym, as I know I can't compete. I would however consider an apartment community garden, which facilitates neighbors getting to know each other and extra greenery for the complex. I may even see if the tenants can do all the upkeep on the lawn and bushes, as It's their apartment so I know they want to keep it nice...



I was actually the one of the first people to move into a Common Co-living home in New York City (Crown Heights) for part of a year and I had a blast. (the people they interviewed in the article were friends from the same location).

Co-living was a great experience, and I would for sure do it again. Seems like these types of units are moving towards access and ease + community. Brad, their founder also did a great job of fostering community. 


The Rise of Co-Living