Smartphones and iGen

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

The real story here is about depression and our social interactions, and the way that smart phones have massively shifted how teens grow up. This article is fascinating and scary and relevant. 

Today's gold is about what the writer called iGen. Which is the generation born after 1995. They grew up with a smart phone, and this has massively shifted their psychology apart from previous generations. 

From the sounds of it, iGen are forming a different outlook on life, one which is based on their virtual lives. As with any outlook shift, we open up possibilities to create new systems, new modes of being, new pressures which can allow for societal, and cultural shifts. 

But there's also a backlash. A reaction to the shift. 

It seems that this generation faces a daily paradox, one that is eroding their happiness.

We wish to be with others all of the time.
But we choose to be alone and communicate through the web.

We choose to stay in.
But we get FOMO of the event we missed.

We wish to be with others,
but when we are, we choose to be invested in our phones...

This article is a fascinating look at the impact of technology good and bad, and will leave you questioning how we're spending our time. While I can see this being often sensationalized, I don't discount the idea that smart phones are massively altering how children and teens grow up. 

These shifts are having consequences, and it's this first test-generation that has to deal with them...



Have Smartphones Destroyed a
Generation - The Atlantic


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