Foreign Rap

Despite Trump’s best efforts, we live in a global society.

And despite the look of all of the people running our political system, it's not the way the rest of the world looks. 

Foreign rap is a site that shows us what's to come.

First, what's already here: Hip Hop.

It dominates the market, something I hear often from the Lefsetz Letter, my personal go to for any news related to the music industry.

Hip Hop track plays on Spotify and Youtube blow everything else away. It seems as the world turns global, we've found a universal language. 

And it's no longer contained to the U.S...

Click the top left drop down! Look at the list.

And suddenly you find that you're really digging tracks from everywhere. South Korea, Japan, France, Nigeria. 

So what's to come is global music going main stream.
Of course, it's always been here. But now it's going to open wide up to hit scale. 

The first sign of this was a rapper I've been into since last Summer named Skepta. Then Drake put him on his newest Album, More Life, which was more of a cocktail party of rappers than a Drake album.

The second was Despacito. One of the biggest hits of the summer and it's sung in Spanish! Bieber took it mainstream.

Not to mention Spotify is based in Sweden. Which means the pull of gravity for music now has another center other than LA.

Like Max Martin, also from Sweden, who wrote every catch tune you've ever heard of, (read his wikipedia if you haven't, you'll be surprised that just one man can practically write all of the music you grew up listening to).

So, What's next?

My take is that Americans are going to look to start hitting festivals in Europe at some point soon. They've been hip to Coachella, but based on what I've seen about Tomorrowland in Barcelona...

And the global sound is interesting. It's a new take, as we blend and see collaborations across borders. New languages.

Which is probably good for our culture. More stars from different backgrounds. It can't be denied.

So take a listen to foreign rap. Put on the videos in the background. And vibe to it until you get caught with the bug.

This week gold was sent to me by Shaun Singh (New Zealand) based Wunderkind.  Thanks for supplying the tunes, Shaun.




Foreign Rap

Tomorrowland Festival - Armin Van Buuren

Max Martin


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