“There are no humans involved.” 

This is a statement we should get accustomed to hearing more often. I’ve followed Archillect for awhile now and decided to share as they just launched their first Patreon campaign. My twitter feed is riddled with Retweets of this bots media.

Archillect is a social media bot that crawls the web for interesting images, gifs and visuals to post onto various social media channels. It does so by being fed keywords and using a social graph to map the data of how likely it is to go viral before sharing. 

Essentially, a computer is picking which imagery it believes will be most viral and then shares it.

Which now has 400k Twitter followers and growing.

(The creator) Murat Pak explains.

“For instance, most of my designs, I didn’t actually design something, but I designed something that designed some other thing, and the second thing was the actual product. That’s how I like things.” (from a motherboard interview)


So we’ve got a bot that can spot what imagery might be impactful, impressive and inspirational — but so what?

This is just one of many ideas being created and put into the world that will change how we consume media. It appears human curation for some things is a dying art. Most notably, music and movies. But it’s not just the curation, soon, it will be the production. 

Which, I saw on twitter, Murat Pak tweeted: 

“Or I would like a true neural network based version of her where she can actually create.”

So she, (Archillect) and others will act like a tool for us. Help us consume that which we want to see and understand us better. We already have algrothims and machine learning, they’re powering the best types of media curation for us.  But then it will go a step further, and become the creator as well as the curator.

They’ve already been experimenting, with little success so far, on letting computers generate the music that we listen to. 

“Listen to the First Pop Song Written by AI”

At some point, maybe it will be indistinguishable. Especially in rave music or techno and probably jazz.

So maybe the next version of Archillect will be an artist. And that means it has all of the data it’s already scraped at it’s disposal. All artists build on the foundation of those that come before it, will AI be able to consume all art works from time to synthesize ideas? 

Will the “Data” of massive stores of paintings and art pieces be valuable to AI teams building AI Artists? The reality is I don’t think it’s that we’ll stop being artists, rather the tools will change. Like they always have.  If Da Vinci was born today would he still be a painter? Probably not, he’d probably use Illustrator and Sketch.

And so artists in the future will use their own version of Archillect. Our own pet computers, tools for making music or art. Then there’s that magic ingredient. Something that will be very tough to quantify: inspiration.

The best singer song writer will always produce more magic than a computer can. Thanks to our incredibly advanced brains, intuition, emotions and rich experiences. And this is good news, for us.

“There are no humans involved.” 

This is a beautiful phrase when it comes to boring, dangerous, or repetitive tasks.


Leave that to us…


Fun quote:

“All of this popularity has gone to Archillect’s head a bit. Because of her own reputation, her followers are liking her posts simply because they come from her, which is making it rather difficult for her to discern which of her posts are actually “good.” Since her whole method of curation is based on the relative popularity of her different posts, this situation is giving her a bit of an existential crisis.” — Motherboard.




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