The Ten's Kickstarter 


I bought new sunglasses. 

Now normally I'm a Ray-Bans guy. I like the classics. I never just browse Kickstarter, but I hopped back on the platform after seeing that this brand I’ve kept up with called Tens launched a new campaign. 

It was the video that wowed me and made me pull out my credit card.  Hit your fan base with something great and they’ll spread the word, like I’m doing now. 

It made me feel something. They played and had fun with it. Broke the norm and took 2 weeks down in Mexico to produce it. Took a leap without knowing there would be payoff. In the video they cut multiple songs and multiple different sections in the video. Some HD, some poor quality on purpose.

It was art because If this was not done right, it would have been incoherent. 

It starts out with who’s behind the brand. You get the sense that these people are passionate and fun to hang out with and doing things earnestly. 

Then it cuts to a beautiful scene in Mexico, with each character giving dialogue about how everything is so polished these days and they just can’t find the realness. This is what pulls you in. 

They are speaking right to their demo.

“I feel like everyone is losing touch with what’s real. It’s like a constant need to impress.”

It’s something we all feel. We feel compelled to be online all of the time. Sharing wherever we are, what we’re up to, who we’re with. Why? Because we think we’ll disappear if we don’t. We’re scared to be forgotten about. We want to be unique and to be recognized by those around us. It’s just we don’t know how.

Turns out sharing our art is the key. But some have figured that out, and others… resort to posting about their food or their vacation. 

“And to seek approval from those we barely know."

We can’t resist, but this urge is leaving us feeling empty. At the end of the day a “like” isn’t enough sustenance. Most of our followers are people we’ve never met, people who don’t actually care, just have a casual interest. 

Social media was built off of “light touches.” 

If you make friends with someone online, all you’ve got to do is click a button. If you make friends with someone in the real world, it’s a heavy investment of time and your emotions.

And online it’s reciprocal.

Follow for Follow. We all play by those rules and because we’re all looking to grow our following count. So it’s an unspoken rule. You friend or follow each other and both of your networks grow. But we can’t expect this self-serving notion to provide sustenance for our deepest insecurities. 

So we wish to transcend. And that’s where we get with the last scene in this film.

The viewer transcends above it all. 
Fueled by the sunglasses, of course. 

It’s where all the characters just LET. GO. 

And that’s the release, where you shout in your head “Yes!”

The video addresses the tension of living in the world today and gives you the opportunity to let go with them. Have a bit of fun. Get back in the moment.

And this is why I buy. It’s something I’m after that’s not easy to acquire. Sunglasses are dime a dozen. Filtered sunglasses are cool spin. 

But offer me a brief dip into the present moment, aided by sunglasses for the right price, a unique proposition, and a chance to feel...

And I’m sold. 

The Ten's Kickstarter