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Lessons from Halsey for Artists in a New Age.





Build your own universe, pull from what you love, build your own language.

"But I love Deadpool, I love X-Men, I loved Silver Sable, Black Cat - female mercenaries were really cool for me to look up to me growing up.

So the idea of a consistent universe, where the timelines cross and different characters pop into different things, I'd really like to apply that to music, in a way.I'm sure a couple of things from Badlands will pop up in a few HFK music videos down the line. Little Easter Eggs." 

(HFK = Hopeless Fountain Kingdom)


You are a product.

“It’s a weird thing to refer to myself as a product, but when you’ve gone past being a musician and artist, to a role model, where people are buying into your lifestyle, and what you represent, then you become a product people are buying into,” she says. “I never considered myself a CEO until recently. At first it was naivete. I thought every artist did everything themselves. “

Collaborate, but choose wisely.

“I also try to make the project really collaborative. I never hear no, but I also rarely say no. If we’re in the car and my photographer says, ‘wouldn’t be cool if during ‘Colors’ on stage you did blue color smoke?’ I know that’s a great idea. When people have good ideas, I’m not foolish enough to ignore them for the sake of wanting control. I’m not a control freak in that way.

Halsey explains why she won't collaborate with Katy Perry.

Involve fans in the process.

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My personal favorite track is Strangers: 


Love letter to the LGBT community.

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