In the future everything is easily returnable, and everything is a subscription. 

Try  and others will continue to give us the ease of delivery options for our wardrobe. And maybe we’ll all make it to rapper status and wear a new pair of socks every day. It’s not difficult to imagine, in fact with Lot you’re supposed to return items after you’ve worn them for a year or so. 

So Lot2046 is a subscription for clothing basics.  It’s about products for the future in a new delivery system. It's got an edge.

And it's a Mission.

The founder Vadik Marmeladov is a visionary product designer.  He also runs a product accelerator and his previous company Lapka was Acquired by Airbnb which kicked off Airbnb’s wearable division, Samsara. 

His signature is care for details and a mission about our collective futures.

You can see an example of his mission approach below (pulled from his website)

"Codes of Conduct"

  1. Do not work for corporations. Old corporations were meaningful when their founders were alive, but now, they have outlived their relevancy. They exist only to keep their numbers growing 
  2. New corporations are no better. They have scaled up features, and today’s founders want hyper-growth for growth’s sake (it seems like every line of code, every feature deserves its own corporation — it sure doesn't) 
  3. So, fuck the corporations

So, as you can see this isn't for everyone.

Maybe you winced.


Starting a product is about starting a change in the world. We all have something unique to say. But mostly we're scared to stand up, and to say it.

So when someone else does, even if we don't fully agree we rally around them. There's anticipation that's created with everything they do. I can't wait to see what's next.

And as we increase choices, we increase our desire to stand out. So any product that provides a new "in crowd" is desirous. Maybe not this one, but another identity for sure.  Like I said before, with efficient distribution and discovery of media (like what the internet brings), our consumption splinters into infinite niches.

Brands are "status" symbols. Not in the way you think though, where status means high-end or pretentious. 

Status as in a shift in our status, more like the away messages we'd leave on AIM.

"Status" meaning the most current representation of ourselves. So any time we seek to change status, we need brands to help us make this transformation. 

This post  by Kyle Chaka does a good job describing this, along side the trends related to the fashion industry as a whole.  

"The friend doesn’t need another logo to identify with. Rather, the cool factor that he’s drawn to comes from supply chains, factories, and delivery systems linked across the globe, an acknowledgement that fashion is less a one-time widget to purchase than a process that we participate in"

"A process we participate in" is also a great way to describe brand affinity and enrolling in the journey for where a brand is going. Which is why early adopters, adopt.

Because they want to head somewhere new, and as soon as something pops up that will give them that ride, they want to sign on and be taken on a journey. The only hope is that the brand delivers. 

A few things to note about Lot.

1. The details are the main event. 

Every ounce of the first drop I received made it seem like it was made for me. My name was printed all over everything on the packaging, and each item had different phrases, dates and times stamped on it. The elements that wrapped the item were sturdy. Instead of cheap metal clips to hold a t-shirt, they use velcro straps to build the presentation. Just look at any video from the Lapka product and you'll be blown away by the packaging design.

2. Build with an edge. 

They're not afraid to say what they are about. No longer can you hope appeal to the masses, better to launch to a dedicated few that will blog about you, and let their flags fly that they're in. 

3. Leave some things open to interpretations.

Lot has done an amazing job leaving details are cryptic on purpose... which has lead to conversations online.

This is what geeks love to do! Geek out on esoteric details. You only do this if you care about the smallest point of possible interaction with a customer. That one person might follow one link to another to find a hidden message. It's only for the weird. 

Que the Subreddit discussions.

Que the message boards.

We need to close loops for peace of mind. So when you leave some open, some will dive in to get to the end.

4. Your mission comes through in many forms.

You've got to blend your mission into the minds of your customers in ways beyond your product. Which is why Lot approaches the scene immediately pairing up with a DJ set by RDK. This is about feeling like you're in the future, and so the music helps you get there. 

This brand is about helping you see something you haven't seen yet, and so this video helps you feel like you're on that search still.


I’m not even going to try and explain this video, but it hits people like me squarely in the jaw like a bag of sugar. 

And so I'm part of the Lot Club.
I saw it and said "Sign me up." 




A Video of Me Unboxing My First Delivery.