The New Gold List

Ever felt out of the loop in a recent conversation with friends or family because you didn't know about some new movie, app, musician or brand?


Well, it's not your fault.

Today's media and culture are in a war between the niche and the mainstream. The accelerating rate of new media and products being shared means mass markets have splintered into infinite niches, making it incredibly difficult to be clued into "what's popular." This makes it equally different if YOU are or have a brand that you'd like to gain traction. The competition is high and the consumers are behind this wall of noise.


So we've got two problems:


The first problem is we seek to cut through the clutter for the interesting and the valuable. After all, with all this new choice, we'd like to use it to our advantage by sifting through to finding only the valuable. Tuning into only the interesting (to us). Finding the gold. 

Sure, there are tons of sites and resources that provide great answers or recommendations to what to watch or buy or read this weekend.  


Basically we're always out of the loop.


But that brings us to our 2nd problem:

We've lost an understanding for the context.


Hiding underneath brands and ideas that are gaining traction and support is a deeper context for understanding where our demand is going.  What are the qualities or attributes that make something stick out among the noise? Can we use pattern recognition to forecast trends in the market? What is it about the stand-out ideas that is making them stand out?

These two questions are what I aim to answer with The Gold List.


Basically we lack clarity for what works or doesn't work in today's changing landscape.


I believe that sifting through the clutter and relaying relevant, outstanding media and ideas is absolutely necessary for entrepreneurs and creators to play at their highest level in today's landscape. 


I'm looking forward to sharing these Gold Links along side commentary and analysis in the years ahead!




Example Topics and Brands covered:


1.(Gold) Do you know Chapo Trap House? They bring in $64,000 in donations every month for their podcast. Why?


2. (topicPositioning and Polarization. 


3. (Gold) Do you know The Blaze, who put out subversive music and films like Territory (Currently has over 3M views, my favorite video of the year, 2nd to HUMBLE).  How?


4. (topic) Creating Tension.


5. (Gold) Have you heard of Medi Club - An event series where hundreds of young hip NY city dwellers gather to meditate and talk about current events and issues? Who's behind this?


6. (Topic) Rational Vs. Irrational.



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