Bow Down. Be Humble.

Quality Still Reigns

Quality is back, if it ever left.

After all the mantras about MVPS, market interaction, “Authenticity”, and putting out product as much as possible, Kendrick Lamar flipped the table on me.

He dropped his latest album along side some music videos he's slowly releasing, and now I'm seeing that the world has made its return to quality...

And I'm blown away by the talent.


And I’m not well versed in the music space but there are not many out there who are taking things to the next level. Creating the new paradigm. Our taste level just raised. He's daring everyone to do better. So it's hard not to watch. But back to the topic of quality. Is it that there is simply too much great work out their too pay attention to your MVP or your project in the making?

How do you get started in a market without fundraising and experience? 

This is tough to swallow because it makes the moat between starting out and getting your chops good enough to stand out feel like it's getting bigger. Experience still pays. Casey Neistat looks like an amateur but he put 10 years in as a film maker and drops a video every day. 


Gear is irrelevant. We all have the same tools. But the people who know how to use them, who show off their style and expertise with craftsmanship, heart, and context... They win. 

So before you start something, ask yourself if you're down to put in the time and work necessary. Depending on your situation, that could mean 2 years if you work every day and 5-7 if it's part time.

Curate your eye. Learn the rules of the arena. Can you name the top 10 people in your space and the 10 who you're currently competitive with? Not to copy them, you’ve got to carve your own path. But to know where you sit at the table in relation to them. 


To quote Seth Godin:
"If you want to truly be great, you're going to have to do things most people couldn't imagine. That's what makes it great, after all. The scarcity of it."


So when we see people at the top, bow down, be humble. 


Quality still reigns. 




Lil Dicky Pillow Talk deserves a shout here. He spent 700k to make this video.

P.P.S. Counter Argument, check out Stormzy for a counter example. Here's a video of him with 54 million views on a shitty camera on the street. He also has a video rapping with his mom. Play off the quality of video with bare bones / stripped down.

David Sherry