The Best Argument for Spirituality

The Best Argument for Spirituality

I’ve gotten two solid pieces of advice recently from an older mentor of mine. Someone 60+ who’s experienced much of what I haven’t.

The first thing he told me was to “Lighten up.”

Ha, fair enough. I’m aware enough to know that I see things as high stakes in my life. I want them to go well and sometimes I confuse comedic reactions for a lack of caring. 

And if there’s one thing that I can at least feel good about, it's knowing that I CARE A LOT. 

I think it’s an advantage. I just care more than most people. If anything I’m doing looks effortless it’s because I’ve struggled for more than I’d like to admit on practicing to make it look easy.

But it’s also a detriment. If you care too much you begin putting pressure on things and it sucks out the joy, which is precisely why we need comedic relief. 

So sometimes the answer to is to care less.

And sometimes the answer is to care more. 

But you need a balance. 

The 2nd bit of advice was a plea for me to be open to some type of spirituality in my life.

I’m not a religious person. I grew up Jewish but I never was Barmitzvahed and I typically feel a bit awkward or out of place in religious circles. 

But I thought he gave me great advice.  

Here’s what he said (paraphrased).

In your life, you want to make the most of every situation, find the beauty, feel strong emotions, really get the juice out of life. 

And there’s many ways to do this, from love, to gratitude, to doing great work, and to exercise etc.

But there’s another tool that you can use in this path to a full life, which is spirituality.

Not religion, you can ignore any form of structured religion that’s out there. 

80% of what they do is sort of silly rituals that avoid the real juice that they can provide. 

Or there’s dogma that totally skews the purpose of it in the first place.

But when you find some spirituality in your life, it can ground you. It can make you feel more safe and feel less fear. It helps you hear more of your own intuition and feel a comfort wherever you are.

So it’s simply another tool in the toolbox of life. 

You can use it or not use it, but some of my most rich experiences were because I chose to allow moments to feel spiritual. To feel the magic of coincidences. To allow for energy to move me in the moment.

Maybe it’s a placebo, maybe elements are true, but, you should give it a try and just see.

So that’s what I’m trying to do. 

Lighten up. And become open to more spirituality in my life.

Both have been going well, I might add.  

David Sherry