The Scary Blank Space

The Scary Blank Space

March 8, 2017

Every time an author finishes a best-selling novel, they face a problem.

The last book was a success. It's complete.

And months go by... soo... what's next?

This blank space happens to everyone. It happens when we decide to switch careers, switch majors, sell a company or begin a new phase.

And living in that space between can be excruciating. You can feel directionless. 

It's no wonder it creates this huge stress. Something is literally missing in their life. The book they were just writing! The purpose they had. The bigger the previous success, the scarier the new blank space is when it opens up.

But maybe we can look at it like a kid on Christmas Eve. This space is painful, but it's also right before the lightning strikes. It's the sweet spot. It's pure potential energy, not yet being directed.

So be on the lookout. You've been here before.
And the inspiration will always come back if you seek it.

Picturing it as a dark hole that you spiral into is much less fun.
And it's probably a sure way that you'll stay there longer.  

David Sherry