A Suit Makes a Statement.

A Suit Makes a Statement.

March 7th, 2017

That’s why people wear one.

If you're in a job interview, a suit says, “I will fit in and follow the rules." And, "I’m a serious candidate.”

If you’re at a funeral, it says, “I’m showing the deceased and the family my respect.” 

If you’re on a date, it says, “I want to look like a leader." OR, "I’m a douche who’s overcompensating.”

If you’re at the beach, it says, “What the heck is that guy doing?"

So, really, it’s not only the suit that matters. 

But the CONTEXT within which the suit is worn.

We intuitively know this, sure. 

But what other “suits" are there in your life? 

And how often are you confusing the context with what you’re choosing to say?

David Sherry