The Next Adventure.

The Next Adventure. 

February 8, 2017


The world is ready for you. 

The next adventure is the one that we make for ourselves. 

There are itches out there waiting to be scratched. And how we choose our work determines how well, and how likely we are to scratch them. It’s never been a better time to be an artist.

On this adventure, I believe we can have amazing experiences in our work that are rewarding in an entirely different way than was previously possible.

We’re not here to own more things. We are here to reach our highest capacity and see the fruits of being stretched into new territories. Fruits that look like meeting and working with our heroes, speaking at the conference when we thought we’d be in the audience, writing the book we didn’t think we had in us. More than money, we seek access to feelings and spaces that cannot be bought. Opportunities that arise serendipitously out of our work that couldn’t have been imagined. Our work grants us new relationships (and a relationship to the masses behind our cause).

Work not as a paycheck, but instead a method of building a larger life-path where trusted partners who support your growth and lifestyle.

We’re in a time where there is massive opportunity in what sort of work we choose to do, massive change in our work habits and relationships, and massive opportunity in the lifestyle we are able to create.

And so we must all be artists because we need to pursue work that can’t be done by automation, efficiency, and scale. We need to pull back a bit on the aspect of “measurement” in some areas, so that we can make art that changes peoples hearts and minds. We need to work in smart groups structured sustainably for these changes.

We have access to tools and communities that will enable this more than ever before. Tools that will help us shape a new lifestyle. Ease of travel and communication, ease of collaboration and remote work. This ever-growing web of tools will help us track, manage, ideate, and unleash new communities and complex webs of work and art that will be the new invisible edifice, replacing the skyscraper.

In your new adventure, shake off the notion of working for a company. The reality is we all manage ourselves, and we join with others who align with who we want to serve and in the larger path of our careers. We’ll weave into alignment with companies for a time. We’ll adapt our strategies with our team based on desire, based on community feedback, based on our capacity to be generous and based on art that we dream up to share with the world.

We’re moving away from a static world of corporations, to one that’s based on the fluidity of teams and co-conspirators. Companies will expand and contract based on skill-sets necessary for current initiatives. The best leaders are organizers, and the best collaborators are specialists. These fluctuations in our teams can open the door for the artist and freelancer. Someone to step in and make art and connection.

This is very different than what we’ve seen before, wherein companies grow to support a large infrastructure and team. With benefits and roles that slowly evolve or that have ladders to climb within. Instead, it’s the small group, the diverse culture, the rallying force, who takes a swing and attracts a community that will delight their audience which stands most poised to find fulfillment and inertia in their work.

This is because we’ve finally tapped into the crowd, and the crowd is leverage. To build the crowd you need to see them not as a tool, but as a group we serve and build trust with. And in return, this trust translates to goodwill, which, like any good friend, can be activated in times of need.

Our work is built on relationships. And like any relationship, it means that our product, our project, our brand or service, will always be in flux. In your relationships, with you community and your co-workers, you’ll make mistakes, you’ll make your community happy, you’ll disappoint. And they will keep you on your toes but also support you when you fall.

Our work is to reimagine.

We have a lot of unlearning to do
, and we’re in the midst of the flux that is happening. Tools of automation will only further accelerate this change. Some of it will be natural, we are built to create relationships, we just forgot how. We forgot what it’s like to meet all of our neighbors and be part of a dynamic group. We forgot how to express ourselves into the medium we work with. We forgot how to vulnerably share with our communities. We can bring these forgotten skills back into our work.

To continually adapt our service to our community. To continue to be generous, we often have to change how we serve. Get used to your work changing every year. The thing that won't change, however, is this; The scarcest resource is trust and attention.

You gain this through generosity, from being tuned into the community, and from naturally sharing our art from a place of humanity.

So when you embark, start with generosity. Start with building trust.

And knowing this in advance, we must build our teams in a way that facilitate these relationships. To create a unit that is fluid, and leverages a community to both achieve new levels for themselves. The organizers and the specialists.

This is an adventure that won’t be easy.

The value we provide will come from something we’ve got deep inside of us but has been mostly squashed out. To share our gifts we’ve been repressing for fear of the critic. But it’s exactly that natural art you have inside that will get you farther now.

If we can get through this shift in our work, I believe we’ll find something of quality on the other side. Something that we’re lucky to be able to have as an option. Something only possible thanks to the very automation that is disrupting our current work. 

The next adventure happens by choosing to be on an adventure…

So I’m asking you to begin.

Because like any good adventure, once you embark, that’s when all of the magic begins to happen.

David Sherry