Falling in love with...

Falling in love with...

March 22, 2017

There’s no “pump up” music needed.

No putting 30 reminders and filling a moleskin with intentions. 

No wondering about progress. 

There’s a pretty simple way to excel in any field or improve in any habit or skill. When you fall in love with something, progress is effortless. 
Well, you’ll put in a lot of effort. But it just won’t feel like it.

I’m in love with a TON of things. 

But there are a few things I’m in love with that have helped my life dramatically.

  1. I love health and fitness. 

I’ve on purpose, without need, met with two different doctors in the last month. 

They were so smart! 
They told me amazing things about the human body. 
I felt like I was paying them to teach me as much as make me better. 

It’s fun to learn about diet and fitness. I love it.

2. I’m in love with feeling good. 

I just want to feel amazing all of the time. It’s silly to say out loud, but I’ve fallen in love with my life feeling like an 8/10 even if external circumstances are changing. 

I don’t have this all of the time but I love the feeling. It seems like it’s happening more and more.

3. I’m in love with people.

They’re so interesting! This might sound weird to say, but you only get one brain. 

Asking questions, listening, poking and prodding, seeing what other people think.. it’s like have thousands of extra brains. They’re out their experiencing things and they can share them with you. How amazing is that?

People aren’t rational.

People don’t do what you expect.

People create INCREDIBLE things. 

I love them. 

  1. Most importantly… I love to grow. 

There’s something exciting about an insight. Or having that feeling that things are trending upwards. Or realizing you might be capable of something bigger than you thought was possible.

I love to grow… therefore I grow.
I love diet and fitness…therefore I’m (mostly) good with my diet and fitness.
I love people, therefore I think some people love me.

And I love to feel great, so lately I’ve been feeling great.

What we focus on, we feel.

What we force or grasp for, we lose and don’t attain.

What we love, we experience and enjoy. 

David Sherry