How To Get More Referrals.

How to ask for a referral 

February 7, 2017

If you freelance or run a small business, your business probably runs on referrals. It’s the quickest way to build your income stream, and the easiest way to secure new work. 

And it’s really quite simple. 

There’s just two steps.

First, add so much value to the client that they feel like they are getting an incredible deal working with them. You’ve made a meaningful impact. You’ve built a strong sense of connection with them. And you’ve given more than you’ve received. 

Basically, they loved the work you did. 

Second, just ask for a referral. 

Here's a basic outline for what you should say when making the ask: 

“________ (name)

Are you able to pay forward how I’ve been helping you, so that I can help others?

By now, you know the work I do. 

Since the last time we met…Do you know 3 people who could benefit from the relationship we have?


(your name) 


If you’ve over-delivered, and they love the relationship you both have, they will say yes. 

If they do not, repeat step 1 until step 2 works. 

It’s surprising how uncommon this is.

David Sherry