A Product I Want To Buy Right Now

A product I want to buy right now

February 16, 2017

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we become the people we want to become. 

Meaning, how do you change? How to you improve? And how do you change our mind and habits to transform into that which you seek to become.

I’ve realized that when we seek to change or to become something, all of us follow a general process.

The first thing we do when we want to change is we increase the amount of inputs we consume on a subject, to help us reach our goals.

Inputs meaning information or things we consume, conversations, ideas on a subject.

We listen to books on tape or podcasts with information about the subject. We talk with people, ask questions, and generally just consume. We educate and acquire an understanding through these inputs so that we’re better able to navigate the field, industry, or lifestyle. 

The second thing is that we to create habits that use the new knowledge we’re absorbing. After all, knowledge without action is useless. It becomes merely entertainment. 

Habits are the actions and repetition are necessary to help us achieve our results.

But there’s one thing missing.

There’s a third dimension to this in which we have to spend the time necessary to find the right inputs, and the energy necessary to enforce our habits. It’s a tremendous amount of work to do this. To constantly find the best right input and then force ourselves to follow through with our habits. There’s misinformation, and we fight a lack of motivation to continue.

But, since we’re industrious humans, we’ve also found a solution to this third dimension.

This is precisely why we hire an “expert”

There are two reasons we hire an expert.

  1. The first is that we believe that the expert has already figured out, read, consumed and synthesized all the right inputs for us so we don’t have to do the looking ourselves. They sifted that information, and can deliver it to us in a way that leads us to progress.
  2. The second thing an expert does is that they enforce our habits. They force us to show up at the gym, keep us accountable in class or in our phone calls, and make sure we’re on track.

Basically, experts hold us accountable and give us the correct custom inputs we need to find success.

The other benefit of hiring an expert is that now, instead of spending all of our time and energy finding the right inputs, or spending our time or energy enforcing habits, we simply need to spend the time necessary to FIND the right expert. And then fit the bill to hire them.

But that’s a finite cost, as it only takes one push of energy to find the expert. We rely on them to keep up with the knowledge and hold us accountable. We’ve exported these task to them. And that’s why they’re so effective.

So that brings me to the idea I have for an app. If someone wants to help me build it, hit me up.

It’s called Input.

The point of input is to help you achieve your new goal.

Let’s say, for example ,you’re looking to become much healthier both in your diet and exercise.

Here’s what input will do for you.

When you install input, it immediately silences all inputs online that don’t relate to the stated goal: improve my fitness and diet by a more than marginal amount.

It takes over all of your social media accounts and your browser to only show you ideas and inputs that help you on your way to your goal.

It auto-subscribes you to the best newsletters on the subject.

It immediately follows the right people on twitter and Instagram who share about the subject and transforms your feed into a fitness and diet feed.

It auto-reccomends books to your kindle on the subject of diet or exercise.

And for good measure, your calendar fills with events in your city and meet-ups to attend that push you to a healthier lifestyle.

After all, you need to gain knowledge, change your opinion, create new habits, find new peers, and create long term sustainability to reach your goal. This is A LOT of work. And it’s also the reason we almost never follow through.

But with Input, we reduce the friction. We give you everything you need to reprogram yourself with the click of a few buttons.

Note that I said reprogram, because half the battle is changing your mind.

Input is different because it adds a layer of Artificial Intelligence that’s more effective in staying up to date on what the actual science on the subject is saying. The Ai can consume 10,000 articles a day if need be. It also doesn’t have a bias towards a specific resource, or get suckered into something with flashy design. It simply uses data to analyze what an optimal idea, concept, or training method might be. It then curates and serves those inputs right to you. Sort of like Google but with a bend towards helping you achieve something. 

With humans assisting the Ai, which is consuming of knowledge and resources, it’s even more effective than relying on friends for finding the right information.

In fact I think input has the chance to disrupt our MOOC and education systems.

Our school board of education is doing this technically for our high schools, except that they do it.. terribly.

They need to pick the most up to date and relevant information, and help us students create habits that help us achieve goals. (literacy, grammar, writing, etc.).

The real trick after that is in choosing the process and flow of information and determining the speed of the coursework related to each individual student.

With something like Input, every student could be filtered the right inputs, directly when they need them, immediately once they’ve completed a task (Rather than when the rest of the class has gotten there).

In reality, everyone’s education is asynchronous. We just batch everyone together, for now. 

But I digress.

The point is that input solves this all for you. It ensures that you’re no longer wasting your time thinking about or finding what to learn. It’s a trainer for your subconscious. 

Just install Input, and watch yourself as you slowly transform into that person you didn’t think you could be. 

Pretty cool.. huh?

David Sherry