Stop Using Your Brain

Stop using your Brain 


February 15, 2017

And start listening to your heart.

Ohhhhh boy. I've gone off the deep-end haven't I?

You're thinking, "OK David, sure, Live Laugh Love. And all that shit."

But entertain the idea for me for a second.

Think about a difficult choice you have to decide on right now in your life. 

I'm betting that you actually know what decision to make. 

Sure, you rationalize and debate between them. 

You make a list of the pros and cons. 

You switch back and forth and back and forth.

"I should do this, I shouldn't."
"I should move, I should stay." 
"I should quit! I should stay."  

The bigger the decision the more you rationalize why it's a complex decision.
"This is complex, be careful to make the right call!" Your brain tells you.

But all along, in the background, you've got a voice telling you what you want to do. 
Your gut, your heart, your subconscious, whatever you want to call it, it knows. 

The decision part, as it turns out is actually simple.  

Here's the real problem: You know the answer, but you have fear about what that decision means. 

Or what it implies about you.
Or what you have to do to follow through with it. 

Decisions are hard to act on, not as hard to decide on.

So, what we really need to do when we're having a tough time deciding something is to hone in on our skill of listening to your gut.
And that means quieting the rational thinking, analytical part of your brain. 

I find that exercise or relaxing hobbies are best.

Here's a sample list: 

  • Golf
  • Meditate
  • Swim
  • Long walks
  • Head to the woods.
  • Yoga
  • Hot Shower

The real error, is now that we're making bad decisions. 

The real error is the lengthly process of going back and forth for days, months, or years when you already know the answer.  

I'm working to shorten that timeline.

*Quick Quiz for you:

Does this argument make sense logically or does it make sense in your gut?

David Sherry