Notes from the Seth Godin Q&A in New York City.

Attention in the last scarce resource.
And everything is trying to take it from you, so if choose to engage in something, it should be worth it. That's why we trust companies that keep their promises. I gave you my attention, now are you going to follow through with your end of the bargain? *side note: be smart about how you ask for other people's time.
Ask: will people miss you if you're gone?

We all got agency, but lost reassurance. 
Reassurance is futile because you always want more. 
If you're not committed no tactics will help you. So shop for Commitment, for hard work, not for methods.
You can always just go out and create your own show. If you're a politician, you can just go create your own debate. You don't need any permission to just do something anymore. We're lucky enough to be able to do this. Create something where people CHOOSE to show up and listen, instead of yelling it at them. 


There are demographics and then there are psychographics. Demographics are like age, and gender but that doesn't really help you or tell you much about your audience. Psychographics are what people believe. The internet helps us find the right psychographic to serve.

David Sherry