New Rules, November.


We’re all playing a game, but some people are still playing with the old rules.
Here are some rules for the modern artist:

The medium matters less than ever. The distribution matters more than ever.

Risks are your friend, but they feel like your enemy.

Don’t be scared of the big players in your market. Fear theones with less resources, less structure, and less to lose.

Proactive > Protective.

Overhead can be your death. The opposite of overhead is a rare co-conspirator that bring diverse value to the table. 

Expensive equipment is an error of quality attribution. 

What you consume influences what you create, so consume wisely.

You’re in a bubble unless you actively break out of it.

Don’t be surprised if making money is at odds with what is working to garner attention.

Meet your audience where they are, sometimes that means in person.
Keep your ear to the ground.

Master yourself, then master communication.

David Sherry