Are We Lonely, Together?


Better intention means understanding the purpose behind the messages we send.

For most, It feels clear that current tech has NOT helped grow impactful connection. Warmth. Community.

Or a sense of place and purpose.


It’s no wonder that we still have nostalgia for mail. That packages and letters are still ways we show some meaningful connection. 

I feel confident in tech's opportunity to massively help in the community and companionship business, but we’re currently not placing focus on improving these type of metrics. Instead, data is collected for better ad revenue rather than for ensuring its users are feeling more loved and cherished by their peers.

We're to blame, too. We’re using the tools often in ways of emptiness instead of full-hearted and welcoming. We often seek to follow or stir up controversy and to be self-seeking.

I suppose we have always had the tools to promote connection within our communities (whether digital or in-person). 

But what’s the point of status if you have no connection? When you're wealthy in a castle, all alone…


So I'm curious to hear:

What was the most meaningful tech related communication you’ve received in the last month? 

Work/TechnologyDavid Sherry