A quick life hack for finding your way.

What do you do in times of uncertainty? How do you find some level headed perspective? How do you create the lifestyle you're after?

I wanted to share a quick life hack that I’ve done unconsciously for about the past 10 years. 

Growing up, I always somehow gravitated towards the kids that were older than myself. Half of my high school friends were in the grade above me. I think sometimes people forgot I wasn’t in their grade. Like how I couldn’t go to prom. And, in college, I gravitated towards the seniors. And then towards the entrepreneurs who were years into their career.

One of my biggest “life-hacks” is pretty simple; Find solid friends, who you want to model after, that are (5–10+years) older than you. Even one or two can make a major difference.

I can’t stress this enough. If people have a life that you want an element of yourself, you can learn invaluable life perspectives from them.

If you're seeing the short term, they will help you see the long run. 

I’ve had INCREDIBLE learning from some of these people. 

I’ve asked dumb questions. I’m like a kid. 

I’ve talked to them about divorce. About being fired. About being successful. 

You can ask them all types of things that we honestly don’t really talk about.

“What happened with your divorce?”

“What mistakes did you make early in your career?”

“What will you never do again?”

“How do you know someone is “the one?”

Life is tough, but other people have been carving out their own way on the path ahead of you, and you don’t have to wander around blind. 

If you’re feeling lost, maybe some perspective from a fellow human further on the journey will help guide you back.

LifeDavid Sherry