Your Life is Reinvention

You think things will stay as they are.


It’s a comfort to think that. But the truth is things don’t go according to plan. Life is change. And that’s not always a bad thing.

Look back. How many things have happened that you wouldn’t have expected, good or bad? Has your career gone “as planned?” Have you kept the friends you thought you’d keep? The relationship? Where you live?

We make decisions all the time that create our lives, and the paths we choose will take us down directions we couldn’t even imagine.

Bad luck happens. Good luck happens. Serendipity brings you to meet the right person at the right time. The world changes. You get fired. 

We’ve got to adopt an ability to create, thrive, and react to change. To proactively maneuver through the changing world.

Otherwise, life will feel like it’s constantly moving your seat right as you’re about to sit down.

Impermanence is the way of the world. So, the ability to actively reinvent yourself is one of the essential life-skills today. I’m writing a multi-part series on this topic. Because all parts need reinvention; your friends, your career, your relationship, your personal mastery.

They don’t teach you this in school. Your life is less of a “train leaving a station from point A to point B,” more of a meandering sailboatutilizing the wind at your back and or getting caught in the stormy seas.

This topic is important because we avoid reinvention when it will be our greatest ally. 

Life will ask you to do make a change nicely until it forces you out of your comfortable nest. Because reinvention happens when it’s needed.

I can think of countless examples. 

Mark Twain did a global comedy tour at 60 years old after going bankrupt. 

Steve Jobs was fired from Apple and then came back. 

And Michael Jordan played for the White Sox.

And Will Smith was a rapper. 


We think we can hold on a little longer. It’s like newspapers trying to keep their hold. We avoid reinvention by lying to ourselves about our story.

We avoid reinvention by trying to add concrete to the situations in our lives when instead they need uprooting. 

Often the moment you realize you need to reinvent yourself is too late. 

You realize you need to reinvent when you say to yourself “…now what?”

But that moment is later than it should be.

And I want to help you see signals and use them to your advantage before the smack comes.

And when you look back, you’ll laugh thinking about who you thought you were. 

And at where it all took you.