Why should you read books?

I’ll always spend money on books. 

A bookstore is a place that’s offering the gift of a lifetime every time you step in the door.

Every time you buy a new book, you’ve got the possibility of COMPLETELY having your brain shift from one way of thinking to another. 

But what about articles you find online?

Articles tend to be shortcuts that don't work. Sure, they're pleasureful to read, but when has an article really improved the situation you were looking to improve?

If you only put in a half effort at reading for 2 minutes your brain won't internalize things. It needs the repeated time, stories, and effort of reading to convert you. Once you get the nugget of gold from a book, you can toss it. But it takes work to get value in return, and that's how it should be.

A book will make a lightbulb in your head turn on. Your brain can shift gears. A good book will make you go, "GREAT SCOTT 1.21Gigawatts!!"

Every day, if you want to, you can learn from some of the smartest people on the planet. 


You can learn from Marcus Aurelius, who led the Roman empire. Barack Obama. Einstein. Mick Jagger. Anyone you look up to.

People who have spent decades learning what they did. You think you have to figure out this life thing alone. But humans throughout history have given us their greatest gifts.
There are millions, alive and dead, wanting to help share what they know.

I recently started reading “Money — Master the Game by Tony Robbins.” He interviews 10 of the smartest wealth managers on the planet about how they think about investing.

This is so valuable, so incredible, that I often wonder why everyone isn’t dropping everything they’re doing to read it. GUYS, THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SPENT 30 YEARS MANAGING MONEY FOR THE WEALTHIEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET JUST TOLD YOU THEIR SECRETS.

And we don’t need to read bad books anymore either. Thanks to reviews, thanks to recommendations, books that stand the test of time, we can learn from the best in the world. 

We have this opportunity every day. 

If you’re stuck, get help.
It’s probably in a book waiting there for you to pick up. 
But most books will go unread. Or half read. 

We don’t have to figure out this world out by ourselves.

You might as well take their help.

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