When VR Burns Off Our Faces

Haha ok, a little dramatic, and that’s not me. I embrace tech. I believe it’s inevitable and it ultimately is a a net positive.

But are you getting as sick of the news and social media as me?

I can only imagine life in semi-permanent VR when our goggles are strapped to our faces and we’re fully submerged in it. Like we’ll be gasping for air when we come back up. 

Will there still be time for quiet ? When will there be space to think? Will this make us “less human?” whatever that means?

Most tech simply is here for you to to fill in the gaps whenever you have a moment of boredom. It’s replaced staring at the wall or whatever else you’d do in a waiting room if you had no phone.  We grab our phones at every interval of living. 

And then there’s tech that we grab with intention to do, when we’re at work. Except it’s extremely easy to get side tracked by the shiny things that are a click away.

I look around the coffee shop and at least 50% of the computers have Facebook on the screen. Mark Zuckerberg has more competition than anyone on the planet. His competition is your work, spending time with your family and friends, going outside, and driving…

…If only someone could make it so we didn’t actually have to drive the cars but instead just sit in them…

So it’s looking more and more like he might win.

But maybe that’s ok? We weren’t supposed to work all day anyways. We were supposed to live and connect and invent. And all this new tech helps us get there faster. It builds better bridges, and creates more thriving in our lives. 

Is this the human goal ? To increase our thriving? If so, I’m also not sure mass consumption counts as that. 

So the winners are those that don’t simply consume, but instead leverage, invent, connect and express. 

The rest are burning their faces off in an infinite stream of other people living their dreams.