I'm Dying for Your Soul.

Picture: A waterfall, a person standing in the foreground, shot from low down. A mountain in the background. Epic!!

Remember seeing your first Instagram images with mountains and the PNW? With people by waterfalls? It was beautiful. 

Do you feel anything when you see photos like this now?
I know I’m becoming desensitized.  

The same goes with our other feeds. Links, “10 tip for better ___ ” lists. We're creating media that gives you a quick hit of high but leaves no lasting value. If it leaves no mark it's because it has no soul.

Saved you a click is exposing this.

Do people really look at what they're making and posting? Or are they making copies of trusted ideas that someone else created?


There’s a saying that “marketers ruin everything.”

And through social media, we’re all marketers. 

We need more originals.

We need more intention. 

I’m dying for work with soul. I’m not judging people, this isn’t easy, but we can be so much better and I want to read/watch/view what you make if it’s personal and real. 

It’s your unique voice were attracted to, not the censored and polished and proven. We have enough of the other stuff, I promise. Stop being so safe.

Ask yourself: Is this daring? Is this taking the conversation and pushing it an extra yard? Are you eager to share and nervous at the same time?

All that armor is keeping people out.

We want to see you bleed because it makes us feel less alone.