I want my life to be amazing

It’s weird to say this out loud, I don’t know if I’ve even really ever heard anyone else say it. Maybe it’s assumed for everyone? (is it?)

Maybe we don’t believe we deserve it?

Or maybe we’re scared of hubris? Honestly it’s even hard for me to read that without cringing a bit. Like if fly too close to the sun or you’ll get burned.

So, I’ll say it again. I want to have an amazing life. It's funny how long it took me to say that before recently.

But you can’t just say it and have it work immediately. We need intention.

 We’re all aging. Time is moving, and if you don’t put intention towards each our day, our work, our relationships, we let that precious time pass complacently, without experiencing the full passion and energy in every moment we can. 

One way of finding deeper experiences in your life is to simply build a picture of what you want to experience, and how you want to feel when you experience it. 

You can say to yourself, "when I get dinner tonight with my friend it’s going to be the funniest, most enjoyable dinner I’ve ever had." 

"When I cook my lunch I’m going to be present and make the best tasting steak and broccoli I’ve ever cooked. " 

"Today I'm going to go buy a cup of coffee and enjoy it immensely." 

So today,  say “I’m going to have the best ____ I’ve ever had.”

Picture it. Experience it in your head. Then when it’s happening you’ll be more present and tuned to have that experience. 

Would it hurt to try this?  Does it hurt to have this as your goal?

We’re so good at setting up patterns for ourselves to make our lives more seamless and "safe". The problem is if the patterns are counter-productive to your life being incredible, then they become efficient machines for removing passion for your experiences.

It could be the way you greet people. It could be the way you decide not to talk to strangers. It could be the pattern of not speaking up at work. Or the pattern of lying in your relationships.

Slowly, one by one, you can take those patterns and change them into a positive pattern that brings that energizing "I am alive" feeling back into your daily life.

If you want your life to be incredible, it doesn’t just happen. It’s a daily practice of picturing, experiencing, setting intention, and working hard. 

That’s the hard part. It’s a lot of work. We know our life feels better when we’re active (but it’s hard work). We know daily meditation helps us relax (but it’s hard work to commit to). It’s hard work to stay present and not be distracted. It’s even hard to discover what we want out of life or what makes us happy.

So maybe it scares you to have a goal like this. Maybe you don’t want to say “I want my life to be amazing” out-loud because then you’re on the hook. Or people think you’re trying to hard or are insane. 

But if I asked you to have the best day ever with me, would you say yes?

LifeDavid Sherry