Giving Yourself a Brain Freeze

I had half a beer, then sat down with a close friend to be interviewed for his podcast. I was comfortable, and we covered a ton of ground about our business and some personal philosophies. Totally relaxed. I wasn’t thinking about what I’d answer, I was just.. answering…

I had forgotten exactly what it had felt like until recently. To just speak, be, share, engage. It all felt pretty effortless. 

It’s magic when things go like that. It felt amazing. I love feeling amazing. I love when things are effortless.

It’s seems so obvious to state out loud, right? 

“I love when things are effortless, how do I make things feel this way more often?”

They never covered this topic in school. They never have a class “How to feel amazing for your whole life 101.”

Then 2 days later something happened that was totally out of my character. I’m normally optimistic, and energetic. But suddenly I was totally depressed. Drained for energy. Call it a late night on the weekend. Call it burn out from too much work. I was in a total funk. But for about 3 days, my brain chemistry felt totally off.

Paths in my life that felt blocked. I was seeing fear instead of opportunities. The opposite of how I’d felt. Things that were negative were looping in my head.

That same friend and I like to joke that sometimes life is: “jumping on a trampoline and doing backflips but most of the time we just land breaking our necks. ”

Opportunity → hop *flip* SPLAT. And so on. Sometimes, you stick it. That’s life (and work).


Ok it’s a funny visual, to me at least. And I say this in a joking and positive way.

But when you’re chemistry is wrong all of the things I had going for me were flipping and not landing. Small things would seem like a big deal, and the scary part was thinking “Is this who I am now?”

Or in the words of Dave at the Dentist “Is this gonna be forever?”

When you stall like that for no apparent reason, you forget how amazing you can feel.

After 2–3 day feeling of hopelessness I was Phoenix. A pile of ash, only to suddenly burst alive again.

You must be wondering if this is leading to me answering the question for how to make your brain freeze.

And you’re saying, “I should be seeing bolded items about now.”

But I don’t have much right now other than to state the obvious.

Maybe it’s a good place to start, with a question that states the obvious.

“If we know how good we can feel, why don’t we spend more time exploring what gets us there?”

How often are you analyzing good feelings, and working with effort to replicate?

When did you feel like that last? What were you doing?

Think about some times in your life where you felt that way. Think of a few times. When you were young, and some recently. What set the stage?  Learn what triggers you have, positive and negative.  

And there will be some ups and downs and broken necks and perfect 10 landings. But we were meant to spend more of our time in this state.

Isn't it worth the effort to focus on?


It’s chicken noodle soup for the soul, but it’s ice cream for the head.

Figure out what makes your brain freeze, and build a life that takes you there.

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