Daily Practices 3

The Best "     " Ever.

If you’ve ever read the experiments done on wine, where they found that simply telling someone that a bottle of wine was expensive made it taste better, then you understand that enjoyment can be prompted by a state of mind. 

Our brains construct most of the picture for us. It’s why reading fiction is so fun.

By trying, by intending for things to be great, they can be. 

This isn’t the same as placing high expectations and a firm outcome that will be impossible to achieve. This is being present in the moment to let things be better than you expected. To have a belief that things can be wonderful. 

What if this week, you had the best ___ ever ? This is a concept from Rosamund Zander.
Meal. Dance. Coffee. Picnic. Sex. Workout.

Every week you can think to yourself, what if I had the best ___ ever this week? Then just fill in the blank with something new.
Whatever you want. What if you had the best ___ of your entire life?

Looking forward to hearing how things went.

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