Daily Practices 2

You Have 6 Months to Live
Not really, but I mean how could you know? 
This concept, thinking "what if I only have 6 months to live?" is a powerful way to put yourself in a
mindset that allows you to evaluate what’s important. 

And I think 6 months is the perfect time amount to project.

6 months to live says “I’m going to take care in everything I do, but I’m not going to take anything too seriously.”

1 year+ and you can shrug a bit more, but 6 months and it’s game time.

And is 6 months really that different than 6 years, or 6 decades? Isn’t it kinda the same? 

Time is all relative and 60 years as opposed to 60 million seems pretty damn short. 

Kevin Kelley actually attempted to actively try this in his life. The vagabond turned Wired-founder convinced himself that he was really going to die in 6 months. As an exercise I mean REALLY believed it. 

So what did he do with his time? Well first, he rode his bike from coast to coast in the U.S.  He did the crazy stuff. But as time passed..

He craved a more simple existence. He wanted to spend time with family and friends. Rake the leaves, taste a home cooked meal. He spent his last night in his bed at home with his family. And on Halloween day he woke up to realize he was still, somehow alive. Now that he had to go on with his life, couldn't he just continue this? Did it have to end?

You hear stories about people who are terminally ill that actually feel more at peace with things and more present than ever. They filter only what's important. They shrug off the rest. 

Imagine you actually only have 6 months left. Really try and feel what that would feel like.

What are you going to spend your time on? What would you drop?

Next time you're frazzled and everything feels overhwelming, just repeat to yourself.

I have 6 months to live.

I have 6 months to live. 

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