Daily Practices

3 Practices, 3 Days.
(I'm sending 3 emails over the next three mornings with simple
daily practices. Only this email will have gold in it.)

I just poured my coffee all over a stranger at the coffee shop.

It was like a movie.

Since I go to the shop so often, they usually bring coffee to me. But for some reason today I said “no no” and ran up to grab it from the barista as she brought it out. 

*Grabs, “you got it?”, “yep!”*
 And then slow-mo-"shiiiiiiiiiitttttttt"

My arm got a bit of it but mostly his shirt is ruined. And it was literally as he was sitting down to start a meeting. Hope it wasn't important!

I apologized and luckily he was super gracious about it. We actually ended up exchanging emails. Crisis turned opportunity. 

It's hard to meet other adults. Maybe this is my new strategy for meeting people. I’ll practice the fake-trip and I’ll probably have to switch shops frequently.

I just sent him a note to get beers, on me of course!

Every day we "spill coffee," but the reaction is up to us. Personally I’d prefer to use it as magic to get beers with a stranger.
And now I’m sitting down to write and I’m reminded again not to take everything so god damn seriously. 

So now I’m sitting here writing to tell you,

“Don’t take everything so god damn seriously.”

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