Airbnb Launches City Host Experiences

This is what our social influence has been created for.

Not for proselytizing our success, but for sharing an experience. So why not take it one step further?

Airbnb City Hosts, a new beta from Airbnb that lets you partake in meaningful experiences while you travel. You can go surfing with a local, you can take a pottery class with a local expert, you can go with a guide on a hike at sunset, eat with a top food critic, help meal prep with a chef, pick flowers with a florist.

Social is storing to lose its magic. Sure I still scroll my feeds but how much do we care now? 

Would you pay more $25 a month for your Instagram account? I doubt it. But for Burning Man, you’ll pay $1500 for a few days!

It’s all about the experience!

Twitter has turned into political mania that’s adding stress to my life. 

Instagram gives me subconscious thoughts in the back of my head telling me, “I’m not having as much fun as that person” “I’m not as attractive as this person,” “Not as many followers as this person..” 

I gave up Facebook in 2012.

And I froze posting to Snapchat once Instagram launched stories because I didn’t know which one to use. 

And amidst that you’ve got Airbnb. They showed us that we trust each other. They helped us meet strangers. And now they launched City Hosts, which are more IN PERSON experiences. 

You’ve got to show up in the real world. Take a chance on it not fulfilling expectations. It’s raw. You might have a few awkward minutes of small talk. You’ve got to commit to 3 days of hanging out with the group. But once you get past it, you’ll feel like you were a part of something unique. 

Will people commit to that? Or hide behind their phones? Time will tell.

It’s what we’re all craving! We’re lonely but we don’t admit it.

We want more status so that we can have better experiences in our lives. But instead, you can just GO for it and have the experience. And Airbnb is making it easier. 

Spend a candlelit dinner on a rooftop. Go backstage at an orchestra performance. Join people who are living the passion and get a bit of the magic. 

 These are new jobs in the sharing economy. First, we watched you from behind the screen make your art and share your passion. Now your job is now to create meaningful experiences. Opening your home. Open your world and our passion. Allow for connection. 

Your an artist looking to build a following? This is lead gen. A barista, a violinist, and actor. You can create connection and it will help you build your business.

I’m making a bet that people feel like their missing out so much on social that they’re willing to pay to not be missing out anymore.

For a small fee, you can hang with any of these popular pseudo-local-artist-celebrities and spend a day in their shoes.

Sign me up. I want to live.

Work/TechnologyDavid Sherry