We Live By Two Times

Behind the Cafe window at 4th and Lafayette I watched all sorts of people pass by. 

Packing up my bag I stepped out into the street. The weather was sunny and confident. The trees were burning out in a bright orange that’s soon to be absent. I wandered all across the city and later that evening navigated the subway. I had been on it more than once. I liked it, although I never found anything particularly special. 

That was me in New York, 14 days ago. 

Upon arriving back home from any location I’m always disoriented.  Think of the last time you had a great dream during a daytime nap. Like I was there forever and there for a blink of an eye. 

My time there had a different quality to it. Not defined in hours or days, but in micro-moments that stretched from afternoon into evening. And then fused together for a lifetime.

How could I define that time with numbers? 

We all live by two times: 

The first is precise, 7:00 am to catch the bus, 1 hour of study, 8 hours of work and 365 days.

The second we can’t put a finger on, driving through the country, a long dinner with a friend, a beautiful day in a new city.

One we follow, and the other we create.

LifeDavid Sherry