Waking Up To Being Human

Today's moment of gratitude #3

It’s just that I once believed we were in control.

Will you at least bear with me while I tell you what I mean?

It’s like all of this nature lives by it’s own set of rules. When we’re born each of us is programmed with a rhythm for the heart and the lungs. A sequencing of our systems, and long lines of coding for our neurons. That underneath the skin there were bones. And a whole structure keeping this harmonious being running right on beat, and able to communicate, run, interact find joy, fall asleep. I suppose something thought it out for us to have these things. With eyes to read, to see other’s emotions or drink in the color around us. When I got up this morning, squinting I realized that I didn’t need to work to have all of these gifts. Conscious that I was raised well and healthy.

I’m waking up, and it’s time to go be human.

LifeDavid Sherry