Today’s moment of gratitude #2

Republicans are to blame. Democrats are to blame. The schools. The system. “Corporate.”

These targets are the scapegoats of all that is going wrong in our society. And after everything we’ve seen in Ferguson, it almost seems like it’s impossible to live with one another as humans. 

But there is something that is still a backbone of what is right. Silently, without any attention given by the media, there are many of us who work behind the scenes keeping our society moving forward. They are righteous, compassionate and hard working.

Your bus driver. Your server. The guy they call at 1 A.M when the electricity is off. The nurses fighting Ebola. The people performing every day tasks without any expectation for being a hero. People getting up early and staying up late. People who show up and just do the work. The work that keeps our economy greased so it can run and makes our lifestyle possible.

It’s only when the things that we don’t even see stop functioning that we realize we are at a loss.

I am grateful to all of those who do good, without ever being seen.

LifestyleDavid Sherry