Today's moment of gratitude.

I’m not reading the news today.

I saw something happened. It gave me that feeling in my stomach. I hit the ‘x’ on the browser. That’s as much as I want today. 

It’s weird how quickly my mind went to a place of scarcity so quickly. I thought about my upcoming trip (leaving Wednesday for Portland) and I felt some fear around it. Should I be worried about my plane? My train? Can I trust the people around me?

I took a minute to think in the bathroom of a coffee shop to reset a bit. To send a little note of positivity through the air.

And that break reminded me of my current context. And it shortened the distance from fear to caring.

Outside the sun is shining. In this shop are friends that I love and baristas putting care into serving their customers. People are there right now, talking about their ideas, and sharing their dreams. People that I shouldn’t fear. 

So today my moment of gratitude is to just want love. I’ll hug people I see when I greet them. I’ll respond to tragedy with caring. 

There’s a heart shape drawn in the foam of my coffee and the cup feels warm in my hands.

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