Today's Moment Of Gratitude

Today’s moment of gratitude
or, how we get great ideas.

I realized today that I have a fairly simple morning routine. Everything in my home allows me to be quick. The shower is heated on it’s own — I don’t need to put on a fire to heat water, I don’t need to hunt for my breakfast, and my place is warm from electric heaters.

Technology has the ability to give people time — and people are using that time to create new technologies.. it’s compounding. It seems that the rate of discovery and invention is accelerated when past technologies are applied to free up our time and our minds.

We are able to work on interesting problems because we no longer have to think about the simple ones.
And that is a fantastic luxury that I have been gifted in my life. It seems that the secret to thinking about interesting problems is having the space and freedom to dream about them. These posts come from that luxury. How lucky am I to be free to do this?

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