Small Words And Downward Spirals

I never thought of myself as a control freak, but I couldn’t help but think of every single possible mistake that could happen. 

This week I gave up control of our social media at Death to Stock and It gave me anxiety.

It’s just that EVERY interaction matters. Every word choice matters.

Your are either continually improving your relationship with your community, or you’re slowly unraveling it like the threads of a sweater.

This isn’t just social media, it’s how we relate to everyone. Shane Parish writes about this in “The Powerful Predictor Behind Successful Relationships.” 

He explains that “Apparently inconsequential moments determine the fate of relationships more than arguments.. like that time two weeks ago when your friend asked you if you wanted a cup of coffee.”

How we respond to people is everything. It doesn’t mean we need to fake a cheeriness, but rather that we listen, and choose our words carefully when we respond and acknowledge others.

Every interaction allows us to either reach out and help, leave a positive impression or… A start a downward spiral.  

@AdamLehman: "@chrismcallister @DavidSherry36 makes me think of the way a small, vulnerable move stops a downward spiral"

^Thanks to Adam for the insight.

So it's not in the big fights but instead the small daily conversations.

We’re here for the small moments.

We change the course in the small moments. 

I’m listening today for each of the the small moments for hints about how things are going with my relationships. For opportunities to improve.

Once you notice it, you see that It’s all around us because it’s freudian. We slip out words en mass that give insight into how we’re doing, and if we’re actively building this relationship or tearing it down. We just need to listen for them.

If we’re just actors, we’re poor ones.

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