Simple Statements

I once despised the taste coffee. Today I’m on my 2nd cup and I can’t help but say *ahhh* after I sip. I also listen to classical music while I cook now.

12 year old me is gagging.

I remember being worried about being short in high school. It’s silly but I guess young guys have insecurities too.

I haven’t worried about that in a long time.

I’ve lived within the state lines of Ohio almost all of my life. No matter how well traveled I am — I have yet to truly experience a new location very different than my own.

I wonder what makes chapters end and what makes new ones begin.

I met a man playing guitar outside his villa on the stone streets of Spain. He had an overweight orange cat sitting next to him flicking his tail. He didn’t speak any english but we played guitar together for hours, trading off songs. He tried to learn the lyrics of a song I’d written. 

I wonder if he has ever played it since.

He invited me to attend one his classes he at the local elementary school. He taught mentally challenged children how to play music and sing, and had about the best attitude of anyone I’ve ever met. 

I can’t think of many other things that felt so pure as his effort and that classroom.

My friend dragged me to a business club meeting because he thought a girl was cute. I became VP of the club a year later and it changed my career path forever.

I wish cute girls always lead to these outcomes.

In college I had many different friend groups. I’ve had people tell me they always assume I’ll vanish just right after I show up. I think it’s because I’m always searching for home.

I wish I knew how long it will take to arrive there.

I know it’s early for resolutions but I’m working on noticing things in 2015. 

My memory isn’t so good, but my appreciation is at an all time high. 

And now all I want to do is notice.

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