I Lied In My Linkedin

In my LinkedIn profile — I used the term “Future Philanthropist” in my bio.

Reading this now I can’t help but cringe and think of the horrible “digital wizard” titles I’ve seen out there. Not only is this a cringeworthy title, it’s the signal of a mindset that was all wrong.

This mindset says is:

“In the future, I’ll do the things that I want to do.”

“When I have enough money, then I’ll give back.”

“I’ll be able to follow my dreams… when I retire”

It’s easy to feel like we need to have everything in place to accomplish our goals or live the life we want.

When it comes to “philanthropy” or better said, giving, it’s easy to feel like we can’t make a difference until we’re a success.

Like most in the startup community, I try to optimize and automate everything in my life. So when I found today’s gold, I decided it was time to step up.

With today’s gold: Dollar A Day, I’m able to automatically give $1 every day to hand picked charities, curated by the co-founder of Kickstarter and his team.
Dollar a Day

What’s amazing is the impact that dollar donations from a group of people can have over time.

I’m asking you today to choose to give with me. It’s not about a tax reductions, or to rid the feeling of guilt.

It’s about choosing to make impact even when it feels like we can’t. Helping even if we don’t always see the result. And acting before we have all of our ducks in a row.

Let’s give together, even if it’s just a dollar. Even if it’s for a different cause or goal.

Here are other reasons I chose to give:

  • Because I feel community when giving to other givers.
  • Because Statistically I’ll be happier.
  • Because now I’m gifted with the ability to share a story
  • Because being an empowered human means helping support the community around you.

Join me in taking a step, even if it’s before you’re ready.

Shoot me a tweet @davidsherry36 if you took a step today, and I’ll give you a digital high-five.

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