I have too much time

One time I listed out the steps it took to accomplish a goal I had, and I realized that there were only 4 steps to getting there. Almost as an excuse for doing it, I thought.. “surely this must be more complicated.” There’s something scary about looking at a page that blank. With only the essentials staring you in the face.

I have too much time.

I know this is a luxury.

But I’d argue you also have the same problem. 

This is the curse we all face when we’re born: “I have a lot of time ahead of me and I need something to fill it with.”

And having to fill it with something means you need to decide what you want out of each day. No map. 

This is scary. This is looking at a blank page. Or a blank calendar. So there’s books and blogs all trying to help you determine “What is my calling?!”

This is so hard to figure out. And sometimes you think you’ve found it but when then you realize you hate it and have to start over. I studied economics. I don’t even know what a job in economics could look like.

One response to combatting this blank-page-fear is to grab whatever is easiest, most convenient, and with the least risk and responsibility. We follow the paths of others instead of ourselves. They’re like stars in the night. “If I could only do everything exactly the way they did it..”

Or you could take the passive approach, letting others request our time, fill it, from advertisements, emails, social media and even school…

Or your response to the blank page is to just keep up with your status quo because it’s easier than facing it again. 

Having a full page when it’s from your own decisions and intention is great. Being busy doing unimportant work is to waste what's most precious to you.

I guess in the beginning of this I could have stated it differently. I suppose what I really mean is..

I have no time.. for unimportant things.

And that’s precisely where I get all of my time.

Now.. time for the hard work of figuring out how to fill the rest of the page..

LifeDavid Sherry