Fighting The Familiar

Everyone used to decide on the same paths. 

Or at least the one their parents went down. Growing up we’d watch how they acted, so we would know how to play our roles. And the cycle kept repeating and repeating. 

But now we’re here, and we’ve pulled back the veil to see what everyone else is doing (via the internet) and we’ve realized that there are thousands of other paths, too. Infinite paths to a fulfilling life.

It’s made us rethink our gender roles, religion, political and economic structures, and the jobs we pursue.

It’s freeing, and frightening. We’re all on uncharted land making our way through a hyper-connected world. 

Now we may look back at all of the old beaten paths with boredom.

But there’s something nice about letting other people go first. Like walking in the snow but only in already made footprints. A primal feeling of safety and comfort in knowing there is something made for us to follow. 

The way we develop ourselves is a constant push and pull. We’re either finding or fighting the familiar. 

LifeDavid Sherry