All It Takes Is A Reply, Comment..

It used to be that you couldn’t connect with the author unless it was by snail mail.
Or you couldn’t tell the singer how much you loved her album unless you happened to meet them after a concert. 

Now, all it takes is a reply, a retweet, or a comment.
“I loved your latest post!” 
This quote is an example of the lifeblood of artists everywhere. As we grow, we’re all afraid we might get “found out” along the way.

But these replies change those who are learning to overcome the fear of sharing something that might not work.

All it takes is a reply, a note, an email. I urge you to give support to someone today who deserves it. I hope you know that this vast online community across the globe, has bright spots who will do the same for you.

Don’t keep your art bottled up for fear of what some might think. Many of us need more of it. 
And many of us are here to help.

Thank you to Nils Root for the early encouragement on writing these emails. 

Work/TechnologyDavid Sherry