Why I'm no longer afraid of bee stings

I was 7 years old, right around when Pokemon came out and made everyone crazy.

I was leading an expedition with a crew of bandits and ex-cons through the jungle to find a golden skull, which had been buried somewhere deep in the forest.

Behind the garage in my neighbors backyard, I used a stick to clear the brush as we chopped our way through and dreamt of ways we’d spend our portion of the loot.

Then, somewhere deep in the trail, something seemed off. I got that feeling where the hair stands up straight on your neck.

Looking down, I became terrified.

I realized that my foot was half way into a bees nest that had been laying on the ground.

Frozen, standing there, the buzzing was getting louder. Actually it wasn’t louder it was just closer.

The first bee stung me on the inside of my ear, and then it was chaos.

I ran screaming from the backyard, it was every man for himself. F*&K the imaginary treasure!

I circled my house and finally made it in, crying loudly from the pain. I had been stung at least 20 times. My mom felt bad as she applied baking soda on the stings, and offered that we could go to Pizza Hut for lunch.

Covered in baking soda, and stingers still in my arms we went and ate personal pan pizzas.

Pokemon was so hot at the time this Pizza Hut actually sold packs at the counters. I never owned any cards, but my mom let me buy one pack on our way out.

When I opened them on the way home I got a holographic Charizard (the best card you can own) in my very first pack! This was pretty rare and I was ecstatic. I felt amazing, belly full of pizza hut and Pokemon in my hand I forgot all about the bees. It was one of my best days all year.

Sometimes you've got to take some stingers in your arm to get you to a Charizard.

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