The View

I'm not qualified to give advice. Plus you won’t take it, I wouldn’t either. I’d just forget.

I know this because I can’t remember any of the articles I read last week. 

“People don’t remember what you said but they remember how you made them feel”

This is true for content as well. NPR makes me feel more connected. A great story makes me feel less lonely. A concert makes us feel uplifted. A film makes me feel emotions through it’s beauty.

All I hope to do with these is make you feel less alone, more connected, less afraid, more capable, less distracted, more introspective.

Today here’s my advice you will forget:

Don’t ready any "to-do" or news articles from the web today. The ones creating for clicks instead of creating with their soul. 

Instead go and create something that makes a human feel.

It's the meaning we've been searching for anyways.


The View (extended)

The view is hard to reach because no one has marked the path that gets you there. Plus there are other easier attractions to find without having to ask for directions. 

It was by a bridge. I remember because I let my fingers hit every rung of it's railing as we crossed beside the car traffic.

The trek was then slow and steady up through brush to find the clearing. Once we reached the top I felt the wind's resistance and I rocked forward on my toes to meet it. For a moment I floated, until it let go and dropped me onto my hands and knees.

I looked up and saw everything we had seen below except uncomplicated. The town streets in a grid leading up to the coast. The local gas station that provided directions. The bridge now slightly covered by fog. The path that led to the point we were standing.

All I think about is finding that view again. Next time I do I'll float forever.

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